The developed technology, at the basis of the Predictive Dialer system, exploits the GE.C.O. telephone contact database by connecting operators with the numbers that have given a positive answer, thus optimizing processing times.

The system provides for an automated update of the Progress States, depending on the response of the call, in order to automatically identify the necessary interventions to be done.

The Companies, that approach this system, have several advantages:
    • Integration between GE.C.O. and ICOSpbx to exploit Predictive Dialer technology.
    • Export customized by GE.C.O. for creating contact lists.
    • WEB page customization for Predictive Dialer software with practice details.
    • Customization of call results;
    • Modulation functions of call algorithms.
    • Optimization of practices processing times.
    • Customizable managament of call recording, warning and courtesy messages, according to the type of practice.
    • Complete management of call queue.

Predictive Dialer enhances the functionality of the Credit management software, GE.C.O., and helps the company to make the activities more efficient and productive, overcoming all the limits of traditional solutions that hinder the growth of the business.

In fact, it is aimed to companies that prefer a monitored, careful and automated management of calls, while ensuring maximum customization for individual needs. 

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Predictive Dialer: Handling calls System, thanks to the integration between GE.C.O. and ICOSpbx

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