ICOSbpx is an integrated function of GE.C.O. which is a practical and innovative switchboard VoIP virtual service to handle phone calls, faxes, remote office, instant messaging, voice mail, SMS and much more.

VoIP allows to carry voice communication using an internet connection, which permits to provide virtual phone lines anywhere, thus saving on the costs of a traditional line.

Take advantage of the flexibility offered by the VoIP technologies on GE.C.O. to bring new opportunities in your business and overcome all the limitations of traditional solutions that require high running costs and difficulty in quickly following business evolution.

Here are some of the main benefits of using ICOSpbx:

  • Reduced investment;
  • Direct call from the GE.C.O. interface;
  • Reports and call tracking;
  • Integrated statistics between the two systems;
  • Optimization of practices processing times;
  • Waiting music management;
  • Choice of the telephone channel to be used directly from GE.C.O.;
  • Report on calls made by each extension;
  • Real-time cost analysis;
  • Predictive Dialer module;
  • Free calls between remote locations;
  • Call recording;

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ICOSbpx: The complete and easy to handle VoIP solution

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