Debt Management

Management of customers, products, procedures, parcels and commissions.

  • Management of principals, products, catalogs, commissions, debt collectors, users, roles, permissions, receipt blocks;
  • Management of borrowers, guarantors, procedures, catalogs, recoveries, receipts, invoices, subsequent invoices, fund agent;
  • Management of home and phone collection notes;
  • Multiple procedures assignment and tasks history management;
  • E-mailing on assignment with attached PDF;
  • Import/export engine XML, XLS, CSV, TXT, SQL, GML.

GE.C.O. allows to manage every step of the debt collection process in detail:

  • Automated and manual acquisition/importation of the procedures assigned by external customers;
  • Automated and manual acquisition/importation of the attachments to the procedures assigned by external customers;
  • Procedures commitment to debt collectors and internal working groups;
  • Recovery management of procedures and individual instalments;
  • Calculation of commissions on each recovery operation based on internal or external catalogs;
  • Update of procedures status plus notifications from the call center operators;
  • Management of customers (principal companies) and borrowers personal data and addresses;
  • Management of the principal companies products;
  • Catalog management divided by agency, home and phone agent. 
Debt Management
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