The leading software for debt collection

GE.C.O. represents the complete and practical solution for managing debt collection.

Right from the start the software was conceived, designed and engineered with a precise goal: maximizing profitability for debt collection agencies. With this in mind we have designed the software internal interface, which was developed as a single application able to offer all the features requested by the customer.

The solution has been realized with web-based technologies and, therefore, it presents itself with a modern architecture and stands out for its simple and intuitive communication.

GE.C.O. manages and automates the entire debt recovery process and it is designed to increase performance through parameterisation workflow, ensuring a safe and measurable increase in efficiency in the recovery operations.

The customer who chooses our GE.C.O. Solution, in addition to reducing management costs, has also the ability to manage multiple positions, monitor the employees tasks and have continuous software updates.

GE.C.O. Solution
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